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August 9th, 2008

07:24 pm - Axel is 1 !!!
Just a quick note to say happy birthday to Gus-man - and a splendid first birthday it was.  Hard to believe a year ago today Steph and I were new parents and had no idea what was coming...still not sure what we are doing (or I'm not, anyway), but at least we have an inkling of what to expect now.
For a party, we had a family get-together at the falls, right by the lock and dam. He did very well, and even ooh-ed and awed at a few of his gifts. To top it off, he got to go in the very nice wading pool at the park.  We were also able to distribute the 1-year pics we had taken at Babies R Us yesterday - one pic of the session you can see below.  A very successful shindig.  And if any of you are at Bruisers tomorrow, i will even show you the tattoo I got in honor of our boy.
He's the best.  Love you, buddy!

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May 21st, 2008

06:17 pm - Goodbye Grandma's - Hello Schwartz!
Grandma's is closing tomorrow.  Schwartz's 31st is Friday.  Let's combine the two and have one last drink - whose with me?!!!  Schwartz, but anyone else?  We are meeting to eat (hopefully) at 7 or so on the main floor, and plan on heading to the basement at 8.  Say goodbye with us to the place that most of us frequented on many a night.
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March 4th, 2008

10:16 pm - Thank God...and good riddance
It's official as of now - Brett Favre is retiring....finally.  All I have to say is "good riddance".  I respect what he's done, but that's about it- He was an egotistical ass who held the team how loved him (and their fans) hostage when his career was in a severe decline.  I thought the stuck around just to break some records this past year, and this just proves it as the Pack had a great year with a young team and he still bolts. Luckily people will now forget the stinkers he threw up in 2005 and 2006.  In my opinion he was a chucker this year like he was the last few years, but he wasn't burned by it as much - until their playoff game against the Giants.  I was so happy at that excruciating loss for the Pack I damn near cried...especially knowing Favre was a big part of it.
Am I a bitter jerk in that I can only give minimal props to a man who by all means is an NFL icon and easy first ballot HOFer?  Yes I am - but I also think he's overrated...that's just me though.  If the media (and he) would take blame for his faults on and off the field it would have been easier to deal with him.  But he regularly cost his team games and everyone shrugged it off (which I never understood)
So others may miss Brett as a gamer, the last "gunslinger", and the man you "just loved to play the game".  Me?  Not so much.  I am looking forward to a more unbiased analysis of the Packers games now that their lips are off Favre's you-know-what.  I won't be tired of Packers fans supporting him when he throws his fourth INT of the game (and blaming it on the wr).  Yep - accountability is coming back to Green Bay - and that can only be better for the game...and hopefully the Vikes playoff chances as well.  What do you expect from a Vikes fan?  I'm not an idiot.
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February 20th, 2008

09:03 pm - Our first Vegas wedding...
Got back Saturday from our first trip as a family to see my sister get married. This was literally a family trip as my parents and brother also attended, topped off by Worm 1's attendance. Wasn't sure how Axel would handle his first flight at 6 months, but that was the least of our issues as he was great for about all of 15-20 minutes there and back on the plane. Here is a pic of him in first class (his uncle got a free upgrade just for being tall - lame)

Anyway, the time down there was fairly low key - having a baby limits the craziness, but I still got to go out for drinks for a while the first 2 nights - just not as late as worm 1 who made his own friends and stayed out until the wee hours of the night.
The wedding itself was a fan and yet surreal experience. My brother couldn't even ruin the ceremony (performed by a frenchman with 2 Elvis impersonators interjecting music throughout) by mentioning this was my sisters third marriage...for shame. Otherwise it was a very fitting ceremony for Sam and John, and they were very happy they went this route (as were we - especially when sam and john had them play Suspicious Minds for me - because it is inappropriate for wedding of course)
A little off track, but my father received the compliment of his life after being dropped off by the limo after the ceremony. Anyone who knows my dad knows he is not shy about his gas, and is rather proud of his "craft". Well right when we got in the limo on the way there, he let one loose after we were trapped in the moving dutch oven. It was quite rank, and the limo driver (who had the privacy window open) we found out smelt it as well. How do we know? Because after being dropped off after the wedding, the limo driver told my father (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Sir - in all my years of driving that is the worst fart I've ever smelled". My father has never beamed so proudly in his life (I thought he was going to cry) - a highlight in his life for sure. Us kids were just embarrassed.
Overall my favorite parts of the trip were the family meals - always great banter/ripping/storytelling that makes for an entertaining hour or two each time we get together. Another positive of the trip - we all got home safely - so we have that going for us. Unfortunately Axel is being a pill about going to bed on time now since his clock is a little off from the trip yet.
So will clan Martin do another family trip (since this was our first one in 20 years)? Possibly - parents just bought a winter home outside of Phoenix, so we could see some more regular trips out of state - Will work on putting up pics of the new place once available (they close next month some time)
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January 22nd, 2008

08:08 pm - Well...
Anyone have Heath Ledger in the dead pool?  Yikes.  Put me down as being shocked.  And a possible suicide?  Sad.
On a lighter note, looks like we are heading to Vegas.  Forgot to post it earlier, but my sister is getting married down there on Dave Lofgren's bday (aka Valentine's Day).  Bruiser, Bob, and the rents will also be attending the nuptials of Sam (my sister) and her fiancee John.  Who's that?  He was her ex-boyfriend who moved with my brother over 3 years ago.  Surprise to all of us that they got engaged (since we didn't know they were dating), but she couldn't have picked a greater guy.  Wish Axel luck on the airplane (and us).
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January 1st, 2008

09:33 pm - So upon request...
Worm 2 has formally requested a replay of any happenings at the Martin family Christmas.  It was actually quite uneventful.  The wife, Axel and I arrived around 9pm on Monday - and we started opening gifts at around 10.  Axel was not complying to our requests to go to bed, and stayed awake the entire time we opened gifts (midnight or so).  Good times otherwise, although quite tiring.  Worm 1 was in attendance (5th year in a row), and engaged in the gift exchange as well.  He really hit a home run with the gift of "rudy" on dvd - I was thrilled.  Rest of the time up there was very low key - had some beers, played some scrabble, and ate a lot of cheesy mashed potatoes...nummy.
To top it all off, I got the green light to purchase a playstation 3 with some x-mas funds from the parents...top notch.  I got Tiger Woods golf, and was able to upload a side and front shot of my face on the game-makers website and it generated a 3d image on my game.  I then used this to create my own character that looks eerily similar to me - good times.
Hope y'all had good times yourself.
So when do we make our 2008 deadpool picks?  This year no putting people with cancer or set execution dates (looking at you, TD)...and no drafting someone you picked for 2007.
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December 21st, 2007

08:46 pm - Props for pops...
It is official - my dad, at the age of 65, is retired as of this evening.  Talked to him today, and he decided to make today his last day after talking about retiring for the last 2 or 3 years.  The sale of his company pushed for him to make it official.  What's next for the big guy?  He has no idea, except golf  will be involved at some point.  Of course he retired in '96...but that didn't take.  This is different - After more 50-60 hour weeks in the last 11 years than many of us experience in a lifetime, he's burned out.  I'm glad - he deserves it after busting his hump for all these years. 
To celebrate the 'rents are having an open house on 1/5, so those of you who know him (or me and want to me him) are more than welcome to stop by in TL and say "congrats"...time is tentatively 2-7 or so.  If you can't make it, help raise a glass to the smartest and hardest working man I know.  Love you pops!
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September 20th, 2007

08:30 pm - Jack Handey quote of the week...
In honor of what should be an up an down season for the purple faithful...

When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must've sensed it. Probably, they gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, "Hey, good job."

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September 13th, 2007

09:09 pm - My new gig...
Nothing will make you think back on your life, especially your childhood, than having a child of your own. Everyone promised they would parent different than their parents at one point or another. Now I just hope I don't screw up my own kid, and hope I can do a 10th of the job my parents did. That being said, looking for sage advice I remember where I often went to for inspiration and motivation as a child...Jack Handey. In honor of Jack's wise and witty comments on life, I plan to make a post once a week with an old Jack Handey quote.  Some will revolve around children, and some will just be straight out of left field.  In honor of our child hitting his one month birthday, this first of many quotes is of the former.  Thank you Jack - for the wisdom and the laughs.

"One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned out warehouse. "Oh no," I said, "Disneyland burned down." He cried and cried, but I think that deep down he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting pretty late."
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August 12th, 2007

09:40 pm - Introducing Axel...
Won't bombard you all with details, so will keep this brief. After getting to the hospital around 3:30 in the morning on Thursday, Steph gave birth to Axel Jonas Martin at 12:45 pm. He was born with all digits intact, and came in at 21 inches long and weighing 8lb 9oz. Steph did great, I didn't pass out (and to my surprised I watched the birth). Finally got him home yesterday, and first night home had a lot of interruptions (more for Steph than myself).  A lot of you know all the crap we had to go through to get him - definitely good to see the end result after all these years.

As for the name, contrary to popular belief Axel comes from my grandfather and not Axl Rose (despite my appreciation for the man behind THE band). Oddly enough I never met him. Why I personally chose his name is another story.
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